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Combine Travel with Authentic Dining Experiences

Imagine you’ve just flown into Barcelona, Spain! For months, leading up to you visit, you’ve dreamed about authentic Spanish tapas and “that” atmosphere that would truly make your travel experience something very special. You check in at your hotel, you check with the Concierge , he or she refers

EatWith Culinary Dining Experiences available through The Wishing Well

you to a few local restaurants, and time after time, you’re left just a little disappointed because there’s just a little something missing! You’ve enjoyed the food and the service – that’s not it! The thing is, most of the places you’ve been directed to have all been the “touristy” types of restaurants – you know, the same ones that you can easily locate on Yelp or TripAdvisor. You still want something more! So, what exactly is “more” anyway!??

Well the concept to help create that “more” experience began about 2 years ago when “EatWith” was born. EatWith is a Community Marketplace for Authentic Dining Experiences no matter where you might be traveling to! I’m talking about “mind-blowing” culinary events that can be made available to you no matter where your vacation might take you. And here’s the best part – you likely will not hear about these fabulous out-of-the-way places because they’re not restaurants at all – as a matter of fact, these fabulous culinary experiences take place, for the most part, in the homes of local hosts with outstanding culinary skills!

Now I don’t know about you, but I had a Grandmother that was known for her legendary cooking. She would feed anyone in our local area and as a matter of fact, she used to host the Harrisonburg Turks baseball players on a regular basis and year-after-year they would return – you know why?? – her infamous meals! They were the stuff of legends!

If we had only imagined then what EatWith has discovered, my Grandmother’s cooking might have landed her with a pretty extraordinary career!

And think about it – travel and food just go together! And when you have the best of both, now you have helped yourself to, not just food while you were traveling, but more of the actual experience!

The Wishing Well is so extremely proud of our association with Virtuoso, the world’s largest luxury travel network because it is through that relationship that opportunities like this are made possible for our customers.

EatWith dining experiences are vetted by the company prior to becoming a part of their referred experiences, so you will never be a “wanna-be-chef’s” Guinea Pig! The homes, the menus, and the chef’s are given an opportunity to showcase their presentations for the approval committees and the proof, let’s just say, is in the pudding and the proving!

Dinner Clubs are becoming ever popular and that comfortable, relaxed and satisfying feeling should always be a part of a great travel experience. It’s the stuff of legends – just look at Anthony Bourdain’s show which always combined travel with extraordinary culinary experiences – it was a huge hit! And now, Chef Gordan Ramsey will be taking the mantle too as he launches his new show with a very similar theme.

Let’s face it – we love to travel and we love great food! Why not look at that combination when you travel – no matter where you travel.

So let’s go back to Spain again and let me tell you what I can recommend for you:

How about a Rooftop Lunch overlooking Santa Catarina Market. Your meal will be prepared by Laura, a local Barcelona native for over 15 years and 10 years culinary training. Your 5-course brunch will include wine pairings and your meal consists of Artichoke Hearts roasted in butter and spices, Spinach soup with mushrooms and local Spanish cheese, along with Salmon cooked in orange zest with red curry, homemade noodles, peas and mangos and followed with home churned ice cream and fresh picked fruits and cheeses.

Many other examples of these EatWith experiences include: Breakfast on a beautiful yacht in the Costa Del Sol, a Yeminite lunch in a wonderful home in Jerusalem, or dinner in a chic urban Los Angeles apartment.

These dining experiences are taking off rapidly and can be found in many larger metropolitan cities in the United States as well as Europe, Asia, and Canada!

This is how the locals eat and this is what will give any travel experience the “WOW” factor!


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