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Nostalgic Service, Casual Atmosphere, Affordable - The NEW Luxury Cruises

Cruising is always a great value! I talk about a lot of the various cruise lines and the special deals that they often make available. Today, I want to shift our focus to a few of the more unique and luxurious cruising experiences. Now, there are travelers who would, right away, be put off by the words, “unique” and “luxurious”. Not that most people don’t want that when they travel, they just want it when it ALSO equals a great value. So let’s talk about that with three of my very favorites in this category!

Oceania Cruises - Your World, Your Way

1) Oceania Cruise Lines – So, one of the things I love most about this cruise line is the intuitive service. You know what I mean, it’s when customer service is delivered before you even knew you had need of it! Take for example Oceania Cruise Lines “O’Life Program”. With this offer, clients receive: Roundtrip Airfare*, Free Internet plus your choice of up to 8 Free Shore Excursions, a Free Beverage Package or up to $800 Shipboard Credit. There are only 6 ships in Oceania’s fleet but don’t let their size fool you – and with a maximum capacity of 1250 pampered passengers, service is over-the-top! Service standards soar and guests easily develop a rapport with staff and their fellow guests. Many of these relationships last a lifetime! Now, the other bonus feature of the smaller more intimate ships is that they are easily able to navigate into the smaller more boutique ports of call. There’s a country club casual feel onboard the Oceania Cruises but there is absolutely nothing ordinary about their cuisine. With smaller numbers on board, cuisine is never prepared en masse but can, instead can be prepared ala minute just for you – when you want and how you want! Now, if want to just get a taste of this fabulous cruise experience, they do have some 7 night itineraries from which to chose that include: Bermuda from New York, a 7 night Monte Carlo to Rome, Copenhagen to Stockholm, and even a 7 night Alaska sailing. Prices begin at only $899 per person – and don’t forget, the O’Life feature makes this one of the very best deals at sea. So this I’ll call, “The Wishing Well’s #1 Pick for Affordable Luxury!”

2) Windstar Cruises – This is where sailing takes on a whole new meaning. I’m talking tall sail ships with exotic itineraries and, once again, service to go with the experience – exactly what you would expect! Now, here’s another very exclusive opportunity to sail with only 310 guests – all of which receive an intimate and luxurious type of customer service, that only Windstar can provide. With Windstar, you are NOT going to visit the same packed beaches that the other mega liners are going to hit, nor are you going to dine on meals that look like every other cruise cuisine, instead the renowned James Beard serves up a more exquisite array of meals that have earned him culinary awards, worldwide. (if you know anything about culinary art, the name James Beard is synonymous with the very best culinary experiences in the world!) These are ships where you can have coffee with the captain and enjoy highly personal service that has been named the best on the seas, year-after-year. There’s a reason that their business slogan is “180 degrees from ordinary” – because it is! When Windstar first came on the travel scene, it was not unheard of to see their cruise experiences go for tens of thousands of dollars, but today, I’m very excited to talk to you about Windstar’s very special 7 for 7 deal! And here’s how it works: Every Thursday, get new, limited-time deals on 7 amazing voyages — offer only valid for 7 days or until suites and staterooms sell out. One example of these deals just happens to be for a March 14th, 2020 sailing from St. Maarten and the itinerary is extraordinary! You’ll sail from St. Martin, to Nevis, Dominica, St. Lucia, Guadeloupe, St. Kitts, and St. Barthelemy (very much the exotic Caribbean itinerary for 7 nights). Now, normally, this cruise would begin at $4600 per person, but on the 7 for 7 deal (if you purchase by July 31st), I can offer this cruise to our listeners for only $1799 per person. If you’re an avid Caribbean cruiser and have said, “been there, done that”, oh, no you have not! Not if you have not been on Windstar Cruises. These are the small intimate and the tall-sail ships which are really, 180 degrees from ordinary.

3) Last on my list is one of the most revolutionary cruises on the open seas today, Ponant Cruise Lines. They began their operation in 1988 by several French Marine Officers (so they are still a very young fleet) and they have grown to a fleet of 21 vessels – or will by 2021. PONANT is a unique cruise concept with high-quality service that is regularly recognized by industry professionals. They are the ONLY French cruise company and have been offering luxury cruise experiences for over 30 years through a unique concept of sea travel combining exceptional itineraries and 5-star hotel services. I think, for me, what really stands out about Ponant Cruise Lines must be their unique sailing itineraries. This is a real “stand-out” when it comes to immersive itineraries to Africa, Alaska, Asia, Latin America, Northern Europe, the Artic, and the Mediterranean. It takes a lot of confidence to boast 5-star service for a cruise line, but Ponant is one of the only Yacht style cruises who can do that based on what they call their “French-touch” and that really does mean something. From the ships design, to the crew, to the sophisticated décor and especially the food – and boy do they have great food! Their special offers also include free excursions (and for many of you that are avid cruisers, next to the beverage expenses, this can in many cases be one of your largest cruise add-ons). Ponant participates with airfare offers as well as. A little something to know about this exquisite cruise line (which has never happened in the cruise industry) Time Magazine named Ponant Cruises on of the best places to stay in 2018! No other cruise line has ever earned this distinction.

Cruising is better now in 2019 than it has ever been! I'm excited to see what's in store for 2020 - aren't you?


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