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This week on our Travel Show - A Life Less Ordinary from the Wishing Well in Harrisonburg, host Terrie Dean discusses the week's travel news including

  • New bag scanning technology being put into place by the TSA to decrease check in times

  • Airline CEO's and travel industry leaders ask the Biden administration to do away remaining COVID travel restrictions

  • And airline fare savings in place right now for a limited time.

Host Terrie Dean spent most of the show discussing her Best Travel Tips to make travel fun, less stressful, cheaper and more rewarding.

These include:

  • Read the hotel or resort's fine print. Make sure you know all fees associated with your stay

  • Carry a spare outfit/underwear/socks in your carry on in case of lost checked luggage

  • Put a printed copy of your itinerary on top in your luggage in case its misplaced along the way so people can find you

  • Buy a colorful passport cover so its easily seen in your possession and easier for you to find when you need it

  • Keep a pair of low cost slippers in your carry-on luggage to provide comfort during air travel

  • When possible travel in "shoulder season" to save money and for several reasons perhaps have a better travel experience

  • Research holidays and open hours for destinations, so you don't arrive only to find a favorite destination closed

  • Pay attention to flight times. Travel in mornings to avoid delays. Plan to arrive at destinations as early in the day as possible to use your time wisely

  • Choose hotels wisely. Not just on price. You may pay more in the long run. If you are miles from your destination to save a few dollars on lodging, it often doesn't make sense

  • Double and triple check details. Check dates and times to make sure reservations and arrival times coordinate, especially with travel times around midnight or day change local time. Misspelled names or names that do not match from document to document (especially passports) can often cause delays or worse.

  • Pack less! Check itinerary and weather forecasts for travel and only pack what you believe you'll actually need. Oversized luggage fees have gone up. And packing less can usually cause less stress overall.

  • Carry small denominations in local currency for tipping, gratuities. Research local tipping customs for your destinations as customs and expectations vary world wide. Make arrangements prior to arrival at your destination.

  • Take advantage of long layovers. Explore local cities if you have several hours. Some airlines will give vouchers and allowances for long layovers

  • Bring spare photo copies of your passport and all your important travel documents. Copies can be very helpful and some unexpected places you may need credentials and can be invaluable should you lose you real documents and need them replaced.

  • Take jet lag and fatigue into account when coming off a long-haul international flight. Give your body time to adjust to the local time zone both physically and mentally.

  • Clean your house before you travel. So you come home without the worry of a mess

  • AND! Hire a travel advisor. And yes we recommend the Wishing Well. We always say we're the best keep secret in town. To save time, money and gain access to exclusive experiences. Have a trusted Travel Advisor book your entire trip. It costs nothing extra and it just may lead to some free amenities. Whether you plan to use an advisor for specific reservations like hotels and restaurants - or - for an entire itinerary, you have options. We love working with people and helping them get the most out of their travel experiences - and again using a travel professional costs you nothing extra.

The Wishing Well has these and more great ideas to help make the most out of your travel.

A Life Less Ordinary is powered by The Wishing Well in Harrisonburg, your full service luxury concierge travel agency

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