TRAVEL - Top Trends for 2018

January 1, 2017

When you think of trendy industries, your thoughts likely first turn toward the world of fashion. What’s hot one month may be totally out the next. And sometimes what was once thought passé can come back to the fore almost unexpectedly. But, fashion isn’t the only industry that’s subject to the quick transformations brought about by trends… So too is the travel industry!

In the past year alone, the world of travel has evolved significantly, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down in the year to come. In fact, there are some big trends for 2018 that travelers, travel agents and destinations around the world are bracing for.


What are they? Well, that’s what we’re going to be exploring below. On this list, we’ve pulled together what we believe will be the biggest trends to mark the evolution of the travel industry in 2018. Some of these trends have already started to emerge, while some are just around the corner.

Whatever the case may be, being knowledgeable about these trends can help you to do two things.


First, you’ll understand what you’re encountering the next time you head out on vacation. Second, these trends can help you to plan a trip that will meet or exceed your own expectations in the year to come.


With that in mind, let’s take a look....

1. Sustainable Tourism

With the world getting more crowded by the day, vacationing in a sustainable manner is becoming more important.


2. Train Trips


The nostalgia of rail lines is giving way to an emerging industry of train-based tourism. You might be surprised by how cool these trips can be!


3.  Extreme Vacations

Travelers are becoming thrill seekers, and as such the tourism industry is catching up, offering all manner of extreme vacation experiences.


4. The Multi-Generational Vacation

Parents need a break, don’t they? That’s why the grandparent-grandchildren vacation is becoming increasingly common.


5. Glamping

Want to experience the great outdoors with some (or all) of the comforts of home? Then glamping sites are definitely for you!


6. Art Retreats

Art is a great way to clear the mind and to invigorate the spirit, a reason why art retreats are becoming more popular with a wider group of travelers.


7.  Culinary Tours


With more people thinking about the quality of what they eat, tours and vacations geared around culinary experiences are becoming a big thing.


8. The Wellness Vacation

On the flip side, there are more and more resorts opening up that promise their guests a wellness vacation, complete with spa treatments, yoga, exercise and more.



So, whatever your travel might be for 2018, just remember that The Wishing Well is here to assist!


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